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Where is the report form?

Thread needs solution
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If I want to report some content on this forum, where do I find the form for that? Thank you!


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Good question - I do not know and it would be good to know. All I can suggest is to send a PM to the forum Moderator Ekaterina.


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I did so on Friday. I'm awaiting a reply. I got some PM spam and I have already blocked that user. But then I realized, there is no way of reporting content on this forum, is there? Not content in a PM, and not content in a post or a thread/discussion/topic? I think there should be. Of course, that's my personal opinion, because I think it adds value to the users of the forum. But I also understand the burden it can be on the administrators and moderators of a web forum, assuming it's a high traffic forum and if this feature is heavily used (and misused) by users. I have been in that seat before, so I can understand if Acronis has decided against it for these reasons. How common is spam on this forum anyway?... I have no idea. But it would seem somewhat unlikely on a product support forum. It would also seem unlikely that product discussions would lead to heated debates and require moderation (it's not like we're discussing politics and world views).

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Samir, in the years that I have been on these forums, I have only needed to block one user who sent me a PM, so this has not been a regular happening in my experience.

I agree that there should be a method for users to report any topic, post or PM content to the forum moderators for those rare occasions when it does occur.

For the most part, the forum controls and moderation policies does stop the majority of spam type postings.  This didn't use to be the case and we saw floods of spam posts along with attempts to post links to malware etc that on occasion rendered the forums unusable to regular users!

The MVP's are able to report some content / users posting spam etc via our private MVP forums but even those forums have been very quiet for a very long time, as Ian would testify too!

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Hello Samir,

sorry for the delayed response! I've replied in PM

Regarding the anti-spam measures we take on forum, currently all new users should undergo moderation prior receiving the role allowing to post without moderation; additionally, all comments containing the third-party links are moderated if posted not by MVP or Acronis employee. 

You can also block any user from contacting you in PM by adding it to the list here[your user ID]/blocked