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Why is it so hard to buy a license

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I have asked to buy a license after trialling ABR 11.5, but no answer as yet to the details I submitted.  Why can't I just go to an online stroe, pay and download?

When I click "buy now" it asks me if these details are correct (name address phone number email) and thanks me for my enquiry but then nothing for 3 weeks?


Please help, maybe I have missed something.

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Hi Andrew,

don't worry, we'll clarify the situation. Could you please let me know which Acronis Backup 11.5 you are interested in? Have you used the email address associated with this account to submit a request?

Thank you,

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I have used the right email address to make my request, currently dealing with support who are trying to convert the incorrect licence i bought for backup to cloud to the acronis advanced backup to pc 11.5