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How to contact support: Useful information + FAQ

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Dear Community!

We would like to provide you with important information regarding the support options and instructions on how to receive technical assistance for our Mobility Enterprise products.

Contact Us

Our web form is the most efficient way to contact support and inform us of an issue. 

The web form serves several purposes designed to benefit our Customers in the following ways:

  • Web form auto-populates information into a Salesforce case upon submittal.
  • An auto-generated confirmation email is sent to the Customer in near real-time referencing a case# to be used for follow up with Support.
  • The case# is archived under the Customer account.
  • Cases route to a Salesforce queue monitored for assignment and follow up by one of our Support Engineers.

Cases are prioritized based on an internal index with emphasis given to severity value based on a Sev A (critical) - Sev D scale (question). Our target service level (response time) is 6 hrs but for critical issues we target a response within 1 hour. Also, our service levels are “target” and not a guarantee.

Our hours of Support are currently M-F 8a-6p ET and our office is closed at times during the year in observance of several holidays. Expanded hours are being discussed and more information will be provided in the future.

Our Support & Maintenance guide provides more information describing all items related to Support such as hours of availability, the Support process, best practices, etc.

Useful informatoin

Information on latest product release plus links to installers can be found here.

Technical Documentation is available under this link.

If you need to renew your Support maintenance please visit this site.

We have also worked extensively over the past several months to improve our Knowledge Base

There you can find articles for each of our Mobility products: Access, ExtremeZ-IP, mobilEcho, activEcho, Mass Transit and Archive Connect

Please check our KB frequently as we will continue to post new content on “how to’s”, workaround solutions, popular troubleshooting techniques, etc.

Commonly Asked Questions

• I don’t know how to contact Support, what should I do?

Visit our web form, complete the fields and hit “submit”. Please make sure to include any relevant attachments of errors that will help us diagnose faster.

• Why do I have to use the web form, can’t I just call or email you directly?

The web form is preferred because it alerts us of an issue in our monitored queue in near real-time. Plus, it is monitored by several Support Engineers on a rotating schedule, including management. We also have alerts in place to remind our team of pending cases requiring action. The same cannot be said for incoming phone calls that are subject to wait/hold times. Regarding email, our team receives a high volume of internal emails daily and there is always the risk of a Customer sent email being overlooked or responded to outside of service level, especially if sent to only one person. We mitigate these risks by leveraging our web form.

• Do you offer phone support or just email?

Yes, we do offer phone support. Once we receive your web form and a case is created, a Support Engineer will review, contact you, and discuss next steps. This may involve uploading logs to our server for further analysis or scheduling available time for a remote session using Go To Meeting. This will allow us to verify the problem while also getting a better understanding of your environment that may play an important role in resolving the issue.

• I have reviewed your website and see there is and Which one should I use to contact Support?

Our Support web form can be reached from either site and in the future we hope to have one unified website. The grouplogic site only lists products related to the Mobility business so you will not find Acronis Backup or True Image here.

• Where can I download the latest installer to your product?

As of right now, installer links are only available on the grouplogic site and can be found here.

• I have a technical problem with ExtremeZ-IP. I contacted Support and they advised me to renew my maintenance. Where can I do that?

Please visit the online store to enter your license or if needed, call us at the listed telephone number on the store page

• Do you Support in other languages other than English?

For ExtremeZ-IP, Mass Transit, and Archive Connect we only provide English support and the product is only localized to English. In November 2013, we localized activEcho and mobilEcho to German and Japanese before launching Acronis Access in March 2014 that is also localized to the same. We provide German and Japanese support for Acronis Access as well. activeEcho, mobilEcho and Access are localized to French but we do not provide French support nor is our documentation localized in French. Our web form is also localized to German and Japanese.

• How do I become an Acronis Mobility Partner?

We take great pride in working with the channel to sell our product and welcome your involvement. More information on how to get started is here including opportunities and incentives as acceptance into becoming an Acronis Partner.

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