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Support service on the acronis website is NOT working

Thread needs solution
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I have successfully created a user account and registered an acronis product. I logged out and logged back in again and the login page indicates that I have one registered product however when I try to click on the "Get Support" button I am let to a screen which asks me to select a registered product .... but no product listed and there is no way to progress beyond this point. The upshot is that I am completely unable to obtain support for my software which is, I think, pretty poor!

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I believe the forum is pretty good as you can get advice from people who have had problems, the support works for me perhaps your using an old web browser.

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Tony, which browser and version are you using and have you tried emptying the cache and see if that helps?

If you are running Vista or W7 a screen snip of what you see would be helpful.

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Hi guys,

Thank you for your comments.

I regret to inform you that truly, on January 10 the webfom started to malfunction. At the moment our IT team is working on fixing the problem, which occured to be deeper than we thought.

As a workaround, please, send me the tech requests you have, I'll immediately forward them to the Support Team.

Thank you for understanding and cooperation.