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Windows 2000 and Disk Director 11 Advanced Workstation

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1. Can somebody please explain why Windows 2000 is not listed as a supported OS for Disk Director Advanced Workstation (see link below).

I hope that this is just a mistake in the table chart.

I can understand Acronis not wanting to support Windows 2000 in Disk Director Home version, but it would be terrible if support for Windows 2000 was removed from Disk Director Workstation seeing as that particular version is made specifically for Workstations (and therefore it does not impact upon the home user market).

Fortunately Acronis Backup and Recovery 10 works on Windows 2000 even though the equivalent Home version (True Image 2011) does not. I would have thought that the same situation would apply to Disk Director (in other words, Disk Director 11 Home does not work on Windows 2000 but Disk  Director Advanced Workstation does work).

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Does the trial version install?

I know from 2003 onwards there were some registry changes in where drivers sat, this might have something to do with why DDAW and S 11 are not listed in the approved list.

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Most likely because Windows 2000 compatibility was not in the requirements from the very beginning, because everything DD11 can do, DD10 can continue to do on W200 as well (wait? can it be operated remotely?). If you have an existing W2000 machine you have no reason to upgrade right now (unlike ABR10 where new AMS can't manage old Echo agents).
Even if it installs, and do some things quite well in may fail in some scenario that no one tested. If it was in requirements, it would have been fixed or specially-for-w2k-workarounded.