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Acronis Migrate Easy software broke my computer

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So I installed a trial of the Migrate Easy software on my Surface Pro 3 with Windows 10, once installation was finished it prompted me to restart to complete installation and that was the last time I could get into windows 10.  Upon restarting, the computer would freeze before getting into windows 10, and now it just prompts me for recovery options.  I cannot access the recovery images i made, I cannot boot from USB and reinstall windows....can anyome help me or at least explain why this software broke my computer just by installing it but without ever actually using it?

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Hello Christopher,

Welcome to Acronis forums! Difficult to say without the in-depth investigation, what has caused issues with the OS. I can only refer to the fact that Acronis Migrate Easy 7 is a really old product that hasn't been developed for a long time and therefore doesn't support operating systems higher than Windows Vista (

You may want raising another discussion in Acronis True Image 2019 forum, which is visited more actively by experienced users who might be able to help.