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ATI2014 Restoration Samsung SSD Offset/Alignment 1536 Problem

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Having a bit of a problem maintaining proper SSD alignment.

I have been unable to do a sector by sector or image restore that preserves the proper Samsung SSD alignment of 1536 (created using "diskpart")...each time I perform this type of restore it changes the offset back to 1024.

Note that the backup image was created sector-by-sector and that the offset was set at 1536.

I've tried to include 1536 as the amount of space before partition during restoration, however, it still ends up at 1024 after restoration.

I hope that someone can provide a procedure to retain the proper Samsung SSD partition alignment of 1536 after image restore using ATI 2014.

Please let me know.

Thank You!!

Posts: 2
Comments: 2


Well after a bit of looking and testing I found a method that works:

1. Create disk backup image via ATI

2. Boot via Windows installation disk, use shift F10 to open command prompt, use diskpart to clean disk, create partition primary, align, format, and set as active, then either shutdown or reboot

3. Boot via ATI rescue media

4. First, restore only the mbr and track 0 from the ATI backup image to the ssd

5. Second, then do a sector by sector restore of the partition from the ATI backup image to a NEW LOCATION (NOT THE ORIGINAL!!!), set the new location as the ssd

***(Step 3 then step 4 must be done this way to preserve the alignment created in step 1; if restore is done via complete disk restore only the alignment will be wiped and ATI will create a default offset of 1024)***

6. Reboot if required

7. Check offset via diskpart from admin level command prompt