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Backup Failure

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I am using Acronis True Image 2014

I am concerned to discover my backups have been failing for at least a month without any visible warning. I have no idea when the backups started to fail.    The problem appears on the face of it to be a product defect of some kind.

What I have discovered is:

1. Backups are not completing...I can only copy and paste part of the error message which reads:

"More information about this error and solutions may be available online in the Acronis Knowledge Base.
To access the online resource manually, enter the event code at:
Event code: 0x01E50017+0x00040007+0x0000FFF0+0x80070003."

Following this link tells me there is no information about the error.

2. The part of the error message I cannot copy and paste states Acronis cannot open an incremental backup file in set 10. This is probably the wrong file, as the latest backup set should be 15. ( After the error, I deleted file set 10 in Acronis to free up disk space. Even though Acronis was set up to automatically delete older backups, the disk got very close to being full which could have prevented any further backups.)

Any suggestions on how to find out why the back up is not working properly and fix it?

Have there been any issues with Windows Upgrades from Windows 7 which could be a cause?


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Hi Patrick,

Accoring to the last part of the event code (80070003) it is "Error while opening script file", found here in the Acronis KB.

You can try to recreate the backup job as described here: 40302: Acronis True Image: Starting a Task While Backup Script for This Task Is Not Created or Missing, the Task Will Fail With "Error While Opening Script File"