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Black Armor license

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I have a black armor 220 that apparently has a special Acronis license for back up, but I've never used them and can't locate them. Does anyone know where I can locate these licenses and how to use them?

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Hello TDG,

They are provided and supported by the OEM's that distribute them.  Seagate would be the go-to for support and questions about this software.  However, this one of these is probably the one you're looking for:

or, it may have come with Seagatge DiskWizard...

Ultimately though, please just be aware that these are only supported by the OEM's that provide and distribute them as they are heavilty modified by the OEM's and typcially are older versions as well.  

Here's Acornis KB article on OEM support.  

The actual user manual's from the OEM's state that they are the ones to contact for support of those versions as well.  Example:

3.6 Technical Support Support for Seagate DiscWizard users is provided by Seagate. Please visit Seagate's Support Page at