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Can not clone HDD to SSD in windows 10

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Hi, I'm trying to clone my HDD to my SSD but I get a weird error.

My source drive is only 464GB formatted 190GB used and 274GB free, my target drive is 446GB free.


I can't boot from USB because I get this error

What failed: SscRdBus.sys


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The failed SscRdBus.sys is related to Ramdisk plus.  Are you using that program?  If yes is it version V.12 or up?  If not you should update.

As for the PAGE FAULT error it is a result of the failure of the above.

Looking at your screenshot however I think you have another problem.  The bottom of the screenshot shows an error which I cannot read fully but I notice that the screen that is open is that of what to exclude and the big red line on the bar at the bottom is what is selected to be excluded so it looks to me like you have excluded most of the disk involved.

The clone tool is can only exclude files/folders and not complete partitions so if this is what set up to do it will not work.