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Cloning to a 3TB disk.

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Hello Acronis Community,

I recently purchased a True Image Home 2011 Plus Pack from Frys and was trying to upgrade my desktop from the old 500 GB hard disk to a new 3 TB hard disk.

Instead of using the disk which came with the pack, I went ahead and registered the products on the Acronis site and downloaded the latest build ( I think it is 6868).

For some reason, I am unable to clone this disk. Here is what is happening.

1) Boot from Acronis CD.
2) Select Tools and Utilities
3) Select Clone disk.
4) Select Source disk - I can see my 500 GB old drive.
5) Select target disk, I can see the 2.79 TB new drive.
6) After selecting the new disk, it asks me to select the data moving method and irrespective of what I choose, I get stuck here. With Manual - it shows a dialogue box with a rotating clock and says processing and stays there forever.

I tried waiting here for a few hours, but it just does not go ahead.

Do I need to prep the new disk before I start the cloning process?

Any help / advice will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Clone disk operation is not supported for dynamic and GPT disks, and the limit for MBR disks is 2 TB (with 512 bytes sector size). This may be the problem.