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Dual boot restore

Thread needs solution
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I used True Image WD edition to create a ghost backup of a Win2K Pro/ Win Vista 64 Premium Dual Boot Drive. A MBR appears in the restore screen, but does not restore the Dual Boot configuration. I had to fresh install Vista 64bit, then install Acronis WD, then restore only the Vista 64 bit ghost partition, and then use repair from the Vista DVD to get it to boot. I desperately need my dual boot machine back as some of the software and hardware I rely on does not function with Vista 64. I was able to restore Win2K Pro separately to another location but I need a way to manage the boot partition so that I can return to a dual boot.

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You might need to contact WD support for this problem as they will have changed some parts of TIH to their specification. At one time the WD edition was based on TIH 2009, early builds had problems with Vista and with restoring Vista MBR's. The last TIH build fixed the MBR problem.

Which build the WD edition is built on I don't know, but it has been fiddled with as it allows usage with W7 whereas the TIH build does not.

However, some clarification required.

When you use the term ghost, are you speaking generally of imaging/cloning or do you specifically mean Nortons Ghost software?

Do both OS's actually get restored back, it's just that dual boot isn't working?

Have you tried restoring by ticking the complete disk option rather than individual partitions?

When you made the image, was it a complete disk image via the 'disk 0' option or did you select just partitions?

Which OS was the first OS originally installed?

Are you able to get to W2K's boot.ini file?