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Licencing Conditions and maybe misleading email.

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Just a bit of nitpicking here.....

I've just received an e-mail with a limited time offer of "£349 worth of acclaimed software for £20".  Essentially an upgrade offer of an existing Acronis product along with three other bundled products.  The ABBYY Fine Reader 14 OCR software (£249* value) looked of interest to me.  However there is that asterix. Elsewhere in the email I find: "* Bonus partner products are one-computer licenses for one-year".

What exactly is this license?  Does this mean the product stops working after one year?  There is nothing in the email that gives the license conditions.  A half-hour 'chat' session with support didn't take me any further forward - and of those 30 minutes most were silence whilst the guy at the other attempted to find an answer (or else was busy with other support questions?).

Having been to the ABBY website I find that £249 would buy me the Corporate edition of FineReader 14.  Also across the bottom of the pricing page I see: "All prices are for the perpetual licenses of FineReader 14 for one user. Once you purchase the software, no annual renewal is required."

If the bundled product will only work/can only be used for 12 months rather than in perpetuity then I'm not getting the full value of the product and so the claim of "£249 value" is incorrect (and possibly in breach of the Trades Description Act 1968?).  I don't know who in the company has the answer to this question - but it doesn't look like it's the support people.

At the moment it looks like the only way to find out is to take up the offer, install FineReader 14, and see what happens in 12 months time.

David (who has been caught in the past by not looking at the small print).

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