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ME 7 finishes in 30seconds with no data

Thread needs solution
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I am making a clone of a 160G 2.5" SSD to a 160G 2.5 spindle drive.
After I install the software, run it, pick my choices, reboot, it shows the #### progress bars.
Fitrst one maxes instantaneously. The next 2 go by in just a couple seconds and the last one hesitates for about 10seconds at 50% then completes.
I get the message Congratulations! You disc has been cloned successfully(something to that effect) but there is nothing on the destrination drive.
I uninstall the software, reboot, shut down, remove the source HD, reseat it, reinstall the software, go through the whole process again, same thing.
Does ME have issues with SSD's?
Any help would be appreciated.

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Does this also occur if you try it from the recovery CD?

One thing to try is reverse cloning, put the new drive into the Pc and the old into an external caddy and clone external to internal.