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Migrate Easy destroyed Win7, please help!

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I was novice to acronis products and usually i thought that "easy" means "5 hours of migrating from one hdd to another". But in my cause it was total destruction of windows loadind workflow with ease. I installed free version of Migrate Easy but it reported that some components is missing. I uninstalled this piece of software and restarted as it asked. And then my Win 7 never booted. First - booting was interrupted when i saw flying color logo of Win - computer gets restarted before logo disappearing, as it does normally. Than i read at forums that Migrate Easy left dirty trails in my SYSTEM32 folder! I looked here - but no snapman.sys was found. I loaded recovery DVD (do you feel easyness?!) and loaded regedit? than deleted mentions of snapman as UpperFilter in my ControlSet (also in other ControlSets). Maybe one and only mistake I made - that I deleted key in "services" branch of registry that described service named snapman. Than I restarted an now i moved further - logo was loaded, and normally leaved the screen, and - ta-da! I get a black screen with moving cursor windows cursor). I MOVED IT! I hoped that easyness is ended. But windows does not load and restarted before anything appeared (ctrl-alt-del not worked). I dont know what to do - a lot of people lost their systems because of Migrate Easy but i can't found anything about black screen with cursor, that disappears fast. Pleade help me!

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Win 7 might not of booted if the new disk was a different size to the old one. The Windows BCD might not be able to find the booting files.

I'm not sure how your system is now that you've tocuhed registry, but two things to try.

1. Boot Windows and press the F8 key and see if you get an option to 'Boot Last Known Good System', if you do try that you might be lucky and Windows will then boot.

2. Insert the Windows 7 install DVD and try the repair option. You may need to do this at least 3 times.