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Migrate Easy doesn't recognize hard disk

Thread needs solution
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I just bought Migrate Easy 7.0 to copy my existing HD onto a new, larger HD.

After starting the Disk Clone Wizard, it says:
Unable to continue
You have only one drive. This program is designed to work with two or more drives.

I *do* have a second drive, and Acronis' Disk Director Suite is able to recognize the drive and manipulate it.

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Hello Steve!

Thank you for the issue specified, I believe I have a solution for it, so let me help you with it.

As far as I understood you are using the Acronis Bootable Rescue Media CD (correct me if I'm wrong). In this case most probably the issue occurred due to the lack of the drivers in it - sometimes it happens, though it doesn't mean that the product installation or the Acronis Bootable Rescue Media you use is corrupted. I have just sent you the Acronis Bootable Rescue Media in *iso format with the instructions how to use it via PM and would appreciate if you could try it and let me know whether it is able to see the second drive. 

Should you use the product from Windows, I would like to suggest you first of all to try the Acronis Bootable Rescue Media CD. Should you need, though, to use the software from Windows, I will need to ask you to gather some information for us so that we could investigate the issue regarding the cause of the problem.

Could you please kindly do the following?

- Download AcronisInfo
- Run the downloaded file.

The gathered information will be put in in the same folder, where the AcronisInfo was saved.

This information will allow us to take a closer look at the Acronis product state and logs.

Please kindly contact me with the information gathered, I will be glad to review it and provide you with the solution.

Thank you in advance for cooperation and patience.

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1. I have purchased Acronis Migrate Easy 7.0 , not a bootable rescue media cd.
2. That problem fixed itself after rebooting. The software still does not work. I will post a new message for the new problems.

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I tried the bootable Migrate Easy. It has the same problem as the one that runs under windows.
When I try to MANUALLY copy all my partitions, it will not let me resize my EXT3 Logical Partitions. It will let me copy them and slide them around, but it will not let me resize them!

I bought a larger disk so that I could increase my partition sizes. I bought Acronis, because it works with Linux and NTFS partitions.

My old disk layout is as follows:
.996G Ext3 Primary /boot
66GB ntfs primary
20gb ext3 logical
46gb ext3 logical
10gb ext3 logical
6.006gb swap logical

My new disk is a 300gb drive.

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I downloaded and ran AcronisInfo.exe. Here is the zip file

Thanks for your help.

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Hello Steve,

I will assist you with this issue.

I have requested some Linux outputs in this thread I found earlier. Please respond to it so we can consult with our Experts regarding this issue.

We are looking forward to hearing back from you at your earliest convenience.

Thank you.

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I have a copy of Acronis True Image that was provided by Crucial when I purchased a SSD. When attempt to clone my old hard drive I recieve the following message.

"You have only one drive. This program is designed to work with two or more drives."

This is really frustrating.


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Hi Andre,

can you please provide some additional informations:
- Which version of ATI are you using? (Found ATI HD 2015 on Crucials website)
- What type is your old drive and how is it connected to the MB?
- Which Windows version are you using?

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I have Acronis True Image 2015

280 GB HDD (spinning platter) (unknown make)

Windows 7 Home Pro

I'm using SATA to USB cable

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Andre - not sure this post belongs here as it has nothing to do with migrate easy from the original poster.

However, the OEM versions are limited in capability. In some of these, they only work if both drives are the manufacturers type. In others, the new drive must be the manufacture's type. OEM versions are usually also old, outdated and don't include newer bug fixes and compatibility with newer types of hardware. Unfortunately, Acronis does not support the OEM versions because of the changes from the OEM provider and lack of upkeep.

2201: Support for OEM Versions of Acronis Products:


Support for OEM versions of Acronis products is provided by the OEM vendors distributing these products. To get support for an OEM version of Acronis product, please contact the hardware manufacturer. You can also get support for OEM versions through Acronis Knowledge Base.

You might be better served "upgrading" to the full retail version which you could do for a discount and would unlock all of the features and give you an updated product. Worse case, you have 30 days no questions asked to request a refund if not fully satisfied with full RETAIL products.

1836: Upgrading from Acronis True Image OEM Versions to Acronis True Image 2016:

21242: Refund Policy for Home and Home Office Products: