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Migrate Easy operation 2 copying partition very slow

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I am running a Windows Vista-64bit operating system and I'm trying to clone my 500gb original hard drive to a 3tb hard drive which is partitioned into a 2tb/1tb partitions, the cloned drive going to the larger 2tb partition. The 3tb drive is in an external enclosure connected via firewire port.

I ran migrate easy 7.0 clone feature using the automatic settings instead of manual. I'm now on operation 2 copying partition. I have been running it all night and over 24 hours later I'm at 5%. At this rate it will take over 50 days to copy the drive. Is this normal for a drive this size? If it is not, what is a safe way to end the process, I do not want to damage the drives.

Also, does anyone have any recommendations about how to speed up the process or is there any more information you need on my end to diagnose the transfer rate issue?

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I think Firewire devices can be a problem.

Do you have just the one Firewire port?

What chipset does your PC use or do you have a Firewire card?

I think the problem might be the Linux drivers that ME has.

Have you purchased ME within the last 30 days? If you have, you should raise a support ticket and see if Acronis have an answer.