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Migrate Easy to ssd WIndows XP

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I am upgrading a Toshiba R600 with a 150GB drive to a 250GB OCZ vertex SSD. I am just cloning the existing disk and then installing it into the laptop. Reading the literature, I am bit confused as to whether I need to partition the SSD and align it or whether just running Acronis Migrate Easy will do everything needed?

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If you are cloning Vista or W7 this will depend on how they were originally formatted.

If your current disk is formatted on 1/2MB boundaries, then just clone. Your drive is probably formatted in the new format if you have a 100MB partition with the boot info and a seperate C:\ partition.

If you don't have a 100MB Windows boot partition, then you are probably not formatted to the new boundaries.

If this is the case, formatting the new drive before cloning should solve the problem.

Make sure you don't wipe the original drive until everything is working OK.