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Migrate Easy Trial is missing most of my drives...

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Okay, so I am trying to upgrade a 1TB HDD drive to a 256GB SSD. My current system disk is a 1TB Western Digital WDC WD10-EACS 00D6B0. I have a secondary 1TB drive in place, a Samsung HD103UJ. I also have 3 2TB drives in place, all Barracuda Green ST2000DL003-9VT166 drives. And of course, the new Samsung 830 256GB SSD.

Of these six disks, with 10 total volumes, AME 7.0 Trial only sees two. The newly installed SSD, and the non-system 1TB. Both Samsung drives, perhaps by coincidence.

As the system volume is on the WD 1TB drive, and it is not displayed, I cannot use the Migrate Easy. Is there any way to get this program to recognize that drive? Again, it is a 1TB Western Digital WDC WD10-EACS 00D6B0.

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What OS are you using, does ME 7 in Linux (the recovery CD) see the drives?

Are your drives in a RAID configuration?

Are they all MBR basic disks?

If you disconnect some of the other recognised drives does ME 7 suddenly start seeing the missing drives?

I'm not sure if ME 7 has ever been updated, in True Image and ABR11.5 the clone function uses the ME 7 module but in these programs it has been updated, I have a feeling this hasn't made it across to the standalone product.