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product registeration

Thread needs solution
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trying to register True Image Personal. After entering details to get key, I get a message saying 'fail to register'. says caused by firewall or proxy. I have no proxy and firewall set to allow Acronis access
to the internet. I even disabled firewall but made no difference. Grateful for any help.

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Which version and build of True Image are you having the problem with?

Does TI show as activated or not? In other words is itactually activating but the panel keeps popping up to be activated.

Have you had any problems registering the serial number to your Acronis account?

I've forgotten for the moment which ports TI uses, but make sure you have no closed ports.

You could try a repair install of TI and see if that solves the problem.

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Just purchased Acronis True image 2017...tried to activeate with SN provided in email. Says it is already in use. can't unlock full version

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The user forum has no ability to help with serial #, licensing or account issues.  Please contact tehnical support via chat.