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True Image Personal

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Hi there, I have a copy of the True Image Personal that I got free with my new desktop hard drive and I have a few questions.

Basically, my c drive is full and I want to copy all of the programs I have on it along with the data onto my new 1.5TB HDD. I want to then delete a lot of the programs on my c drive to free up the much needed disk space and use the programs from the new HDD. what is the best way to achieve this without having to reinstall them all. Also, I want to be able to use those programs so the format on the new hard drive needs to look like the c drive if that makes sense.

I am not a techie so don't really understand the manual when it talks about mounting the drive etc. Can one of you put this in easy to understand speak for me please.

Many thanks,

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Your True Image personal might be based on True Image 2009 if it has either a Western Digital or Seagate name on it.

You should be able to just clone your old drive to your new drive. Before doing so there is a couple of bits of housekeeping that is advisable.

1. Using Windows give your partition labels (that is C:\ D:\ etc) proper names such as Windows or Main or data or similar.

2. Make a bootable CD using True Image and make sure it can boot your system.

The next question is, how are you going to clone the old drive, do you have an external USB caddy that you are intending to put the new drive into or are you going to install it into your PC and clone from there?

If you clone your old drive then the C: partition will be copied over (along with any others you may have) which means once you are certain the clone has worked correctly, the old drive can be used as spare space or as a spare drive.

Before you clone though, it is most important that you are clear or how you expect to perform the clone, new drive in an external case and then install into the PC or new drive straight into the PC. There will be a slight difference in the order of doing things depending on this choice.

If the PC is a laptop that needs to be known as well.