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Two or more destination disk for the same backup job

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I have read several questions about that but all in old versions of Acronis Home.

Is posible to do a automatic backup in Acronis Home 2017 using two or more external disk like destination of the backup. For example the user change one disk per day, or week and store the disk not used for best security?.

Thanks in advance.



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Hi Mario,

It should be possible to have multiple backup disks and rotate them each backup. You better ask in the ATI 2017 forum section as the guys have better knowledge of that product.

You can read Grovers Tips / Using 2 different target disks for TrueImage backup, most are applicable to ATI 2017.

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Hello Mario,

Welcome to Acronis user forums! Currently the described scenario cannot be implemented with Acronis True Image 2017, however we have an open feature request (I've added this topic to the feature request).

You can store backups on removable drives, but the drive should be tied to the single backup plan (Plan A = Drive A, Plan B = Drive B). The limitation is caused by the database not being able to hold information about that part of the backup chain resinding on the first drive. If you start running backups to drive A and then change it to drive B - you'll get an error message "Cannot find version #..", as the software will check the new storage, look for backups (that should be on the target location according to the database), but in fact the storage will be empty. 

This scenario is rather popular, so I hope we'll support it in Acronis True Image too.

Thank you,

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Thank you Raphael. I am reading thats articles. 

Thank you Ekaterina. This scenario is frecuently used in other backup systems like Windows Server. Is confortable for the user an the administrator in small office. It would be an interesting option in future version or update.