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Acronis for WD Locks up. Cannot back out.

Thread needs solution
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My Acronis has locked up and I cannot get it to STOP the backup process.  It hung at 15MB (see pic).  When I attempted to STOP the screen went fuzzy (see next pic) and remained there. I left for hours and came back. Still fuzzy with rotating circle. I shut it down and restarted.  The process I previously tried to backup was still there, so I attempted to delete it to begin again. Went fuzzy screen again and did nothing. This time I closed Acronis using the Win7 Task Manger services. Opend up Arconis again, repeat of same.  I even disconnected one of the external drives!

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Please look at 2201: Support for OEM Versions of Acronis Products

Support for OEM versions of Acronis products is provided by the OEM vendors distributing these products. To get support for an OEM version of Acronis product, please contact the hardware manufacturer.

Not much help.

This behavior has been experienced by other users. There is a way of fixing the problem but I cannot find the documentation at the moment. It involves removing the task for the Acronis scheduler. I am sure someone will be able to point you in the correct direction.


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Download a copy of the Acronis Scheduler Manager tool (link below) and run this standalone tool which will produce a black command prompt type window.  Type in the command task zap  in the window, this will remove all Acronis scheduled tasks.

Next reboot the computer and the backup should not attempt to run again.

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Thanks for the assistance Steve - had a seniors moment (again).