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Bios loop

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I recently gave my old PC, that I built, to my girlfriend. When I got everything setup I was stuck in a blue screen loop. So I eventually downloaded windows using a usb drive which solved the problem. I noticed it was very slow like google chrome was really slow. So I factory reset the computer and that basically fixed it. But stupid me I went the extra mile and cloned or attempted to transfer windows to my SSD to increase performance even more and now my PC is stuck in bios when turning it on everytime. God this sucks. I’ve done the common solution dealing with boot orders blah blah blah and nothing worked and also did default settings in bios and still nothing. Some errors I get when I try to install windows again with the usb drive are “windows cannot install to this disk the selected disk is of the gpt style” and “we couldn’t create a new partition or locate an existing one”. My brain hurts trying to fix so much shit with this pc lol. Someone please help me. Thanks a lot for your time.


- JD


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John, welcome to these public User Forums.

Thanks for bringing this new topic to this forum rather than continuing via private messages.

More questions than answers initially!

Are you able to still boot into Windows from the disk drive that was working before the clone attempt?

If you have swapped the drive to the SSD, then can you put it back again and test this?

If you can boot into Windows, then run the msinfo32 command in Windows and confirm what the BIOS mode for the OS is shown as?  Is this shown as UEFI or is it Legacy / disk drive make or name?

The BIOS mode is important as this also controls whether the disk / SSD will use GPT (UEFI) or MBR (Legacy).

If UEFI BIOS mode is used, then the boot device in BIOS is 'Windows Boot Manager'.

If Legacy BIOS mode, then the boot device is the OS disk drive make / model.

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This might be stupid, but just recently I had a bios loop solved by a keyboard change. The grief a broken and stuck delete key can give you is amazing.