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boot issue after extracting install.wim using imagex

Thread needs solution
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Hi support,

I have spent sleepless nights almost 9 trying to solve this. Pr:
Problem : my acer netbook harddisk crashed.i hv put another hard disk and am trying to install windows7 starter from usb. i had saved the winre.
wim earlier .i used imagex and extracted the winre.wim on my new harddisk c:.aafter extraction now when i restart my netbook it give boot\bcd error message
I have put a 60 gb harddisk.

Please help

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Also, just mssed to mention..this is acer aspire one happy2 series netbook.with no cd rom .thanks

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You probably need to remake your BCD. There are a number of ways to do that, either booting to a command line and using BCD commands or perhaps more easily using something like EasyBCD. I'm not sure without checking if EasyBCD has a version that can run from a USB stick.