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can rescue stick be same for different win10 PCs?

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I have acronis licenses for 3 computers (3 family members)


if I opt to create disk images for each computer, I assume I will need a separate USB external drive for each image, correct?


how about the rescue drive? If I opt to create rescue drive separate from the image drive, will I need a flash stick for each computer, or will a single flash stick suffice as the rescue booter for each PC?


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Windows based recovery media is much better than in past years, however, this does not mean that recovery media created on one PC will work on another. If the PCs have the same hardware and configuration, then one recovery media should be sufficient. If some use AMD CPU and others Intel CPU, then you may need separate recovery media for the Intel and AMD machines. I have had problems doing so, cannot remember if it limited to DVD recovery media or also happened with flash drives.

It will also depend on the Acronis product being used, and the version. I assume that you are using True Image. Yes, see this from your post in the ATI 2021 forum.

Pleas post information on the computers and the version and build of ATI being used.