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Canadian Users

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I recently received an email from Acronis offering an upgrade from ATI 2017 to 2019.  The quoted price was $29.99 fo 3 computers.  I accepted the offer and filled out the required info.  The province (BC) and country (Canada) were already filled in for me.  Obviously Acronis knows I'm a Canadian and so I assumed my offer was in $CAN.  I received an invoice for $29.99. 

Then I received an email from Visa, showing a charge for $41.11.  After several emails I finally called Cleverbridge.  They were very helpful.  It took them a while to sort out, but it seems Acronis doesn't do business in Canadian dollars, but also doesn't inform it's Canadian users of this fact.  I would have paid the US dollars if they had been upfront, but they weren't.  Can anyone recommend another backup?

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