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difficulties with Acronis drive clone and reboot

Thread needs solution
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Hello everyone. I recently purchased a Crucial Micron BX300 SSD to fill the empty SSD slot on my MSI GX703BE. I intended to use it as the primary drive in order to increase performance while using the original HDD as a backup. I purchased a SATA to USB cable and started the installation process using the Crucial website.

When I first restarted, the utility didn't start up until I disabled secure boot, but as soon as I did, it started the copying procedure. In order to allow the procedure finish in its entirety over the course of two hours, I had ticked the "shut down when finished button and left the room to make supper, etc.

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More information is needed before the Acronis community can be of assistance.

Please confirm that you OEM Acronis for Crucial; be aware that technical support for OEM versions of Acronis products are the responsibility of the OEM: 2201: Support for OEM Versions of Acronis Products. However, the user community still offers assistance.

What build number is the Acronis product you are using? Is it True Image or the more recent Cyber Protect Home Office?

While the MSI GX703BE has been around for a long time - originally shipped with Windows 8.1, the specifications suggest that the problem you are seeing is not due to resource limits. What version and build of Windows are you using? For example the PC I am using at the moment has Windows 10 Enterprise Version 21H1, OS build 19043.2006.

I suspect the problem is that you were attempting to clone the existing drive to a SATA drive attached by USB - No current version of Windows supports installation on a removeable device, such as one attached via USB. This could explains why you are having problems. The solution is to create a backup of the existing drive; then remove it from the computer, place the new drive in the computer, and then restore to the new drive. Both of these steps should be done using the Acronis recovery media - when using the recovery media build (under tools) select Simple, which will then use Windows RE which should ensure that all necessary drivers are included.

Hope this helps