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Firefox 53.0 finally drops support for XP and Vista

Thread needs solution
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After Microsoft has already (thankfully) dropped support, also other developers are following. The next one is Firefox, which is pretty popular in Germany, if not the most non MS browser used in our country. However Mozilla chooses to support Firefox users with the ESR (Extended Service Release) version of Firefox, but I doubt many average users will be aware about that change nor have the knowledge that they have manually to switch the browsers by uninstalling the old and and replacing it with the ESR release.

Windows XP and Vista are no longer supported. XP and Vista users running Firefox 52 will continue to receive security updates on Firefox ESR 52.

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That should happen one day. And seemed that's day happened. 

Xp and Vista are very old, that's why there not many users are using them. It's absolutely normal to drop old things, cause you need to work with new one.

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That's disappointing... yet they can use older versions of firefox

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If they can find one.

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and why is this a pinned topic on the ATI 2020 forum?

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This was in the Off Topic forum for the last couple of years so perhaps another glitch in the forum software that it has suddenly been migrated here for no good reason!

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I concur Steve, original post 2017.

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That's very unfortunate. I'm still that guy that uses XP system sometimes.