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Getting out of the first level support desk

Thread needs solution
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I've been dealing with the support desk, for way too long.  I was promised a call back, that never happened.  The support center has been having me do the same thing over and over. 

They ask to e-mail this, that and the other.  Then they say they cant find the information I e-mail or uploaded.

They also want me to let them log into my computer.  This would involve poking hole through my firewall.  When I ask them to tell me what they are looking for, they won't answer and tell me to try another recovery.  Which completes with the same results of the previous recovery's.

I think the first level of support has run it's course.  The technicians are nice people, but they are not being successful in resolving my problem.  What other options do I have?

Thank you.


PS the original thread:

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Julian, sorry to read that you are still having issues per your original topic in the forums.

The approach that I take when working with my own support cases is that I do not use the 'Live Chat' feature as that requires that I be tied to my computer...!  I always use Email to both raise and work the support cases, where I have an audit trail of the actions requested and responses given.

If I feel that either the issue isn't being understood or making progress, then I make a point of restating the issue and clarifying exactly where I feel any misunderstanding is, plus if this does not allow the matter to move forward, then I ask for it to be escalated either to the next level of support or to Acronis management.

One further point, refuse to allow your support case to be closed or archived if you are not happy with the status or results offered.

If all else fails, then send a private message to Renata Gubaydullina | Product manager, Acronis True Image to seek her review of the case and issue.

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Hi Steve,  I don't think you hear this enough, but, thank you.  You have helped me out a couple of different times.

Unfortunately, once Windows "Expired" I needed to restore immediately.  Once I discovered that I lost two months worth of data (including my tax return) and a complete restore was not possible, I grabbed a 2nd SSD and installed Linux.  Currently, I can restore Windows and run it a couple of times, after which it tries to repair itself and renders itself unbootable and I have to do another restore.  ...with the exact same results.

I did set up a Virtual Machine (Oracle VM VirtualBox) to run the crashing Windows under Linux (Debian Stretch).  For which it runs fine, without any errors, at all.    Go figure.

I use a mixture of live chat and email.  At one point I did call in.

I will see if anything happen tonight and go from there.

Thank you.


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Dear Julian,  

please accept our apologies for the bad experience with Acronis software and service! I've asked the team manager to review and prioritize your open support ticket. Feel free to contact me directly, if any any questions or concerns. 

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