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How do I fix my pc?

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I tried building a pc and was successful for the first week. I was running elementary os and tried to instal a WiFi adapter. I changed some settings and today I tried turning on my pc, it turned on but I get no video output. I’ve tried everything including changing ram, cmos, etc. I don’t know what else to do.

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If your new PC was working ok, then it is unlikely that a hardware issue has caused the loss of video output, but it should be easy to check this.

Download a copy of any Linux live distro and create the media for this on either a DVD or USB stick, then boot your PC from that media so that it is using all the same hardware but fully independent OS environment.

If your new PC is 64-bit then any of the Linux live distro's should work fine, but if this is a 32-bit PC you will need to look at some of the older Linux builds as 32-bit is being dropped by most Linux providers.

See Lubuntu which has both 64-bit and 32-bit versions available.

or Xubuntu (older versions for 32-bit).

One further option (for 64-bit) is to download a copy of Hiren's Boot CD which will load a live version of Windows 10 to use for testing.

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I've seen this problem before. You won't be able to boot from any media because the computer never gets to a point where it can post and allow you to choose what to boot from. It just acts like a dead motherboard.

I got the computer back to life by installing an inexpensive video card and connecting the monitor to it. In my case the computer was originally set to use built in Intel video. I continued to have the same problem after hardware changes for some time. I finally determined there was an incompatibility between the motherboard and the power supply. I was using an expensive power supply. When I replaced it with an old inexpensive power supply, all problems went away. I then put the expensive power supply into another computer with a different motherboard and it has worked with no problems for a long time. 

If your computer has a video card installed, try removing it and connecting the monitor to the built in video on the motherboard. 

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Hi, you guys are giving good advises. I completely agree with Mustang.