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How do I stop Acronis emails?

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I had an Acronis product 2 years ago; I was not satisfied and quit using it.

Since then, I have continued to get more and more Acronis emails. I have clicked the 'unsubscribe' link twice that I remember, once 9 months ago and once 7 months ago. They've never stopped.

Who can I talk to? If there is no Acronis person who can do this, does someone know which US Federal Agency deals with unwanted spam? It is my understanding that continuing to send unwanted solicitation emails is against FCC rules, at least.

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Dear Ralph,

I've asked my colleagues to remove your e-mail from all marketing campaigns. Please accept our sincere apologies for the unwanted emails. 

Thank you and best wishes for New Year! 

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It's too unfortunate you weren't satisfied. What happened?