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How to restart incremental backup on differrent USB drive?

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I do a nightly incremental backup at 4 AM onto a USB drive.  When the drive fills up, I switch to a different USB drive until it fills up.

However, when I switch to the different drive, the backup always fails, because it can't find the last incremental file.  When I'm switching drives (usually from F: to G:), how can I set it to to start over on the new drive with a new full backup?

The only solution I can find is to Backup Now & tell it to Ignore the Error, but this totally kills the performance of my PC for an interminable time while it runs.

This was not a problem in the past, but has been for several months.

Thanks for your comments.

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What Acronis product are you using; the version and build number (for example Cyber Protect Home Office, build 40107). What type of backup are you doing; whole PC, disks + partitions or files and folders?

How many incremental backups are made before a full backup is created? The larger the number of incremental backups, the greater the risk that something will go wrong. I usually use full backup + 6 incremental backups.

When you swap in the "new" USB drive, Acronis, after being told to ignore the error, will create a new full backup, which will take some time. The increase in time could be explained by disk errors on the disk being backup resulting in a sector-by-sector backup being created.