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Issues with Disk Cloning.

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G'day I downloaded the trial version of the Disk cloning software to clone my HDD onto my new SSHD but i'm having an issue with the program and clone process. So my first issue with the software is that it doesn't recognise my SSHD I can't quite describe it but it's a 4TB SSHD formatted as NTFS but shows as a 2TB GUID Drive my other issue is once i proceed with the clone just to get the Error "Unable to writedisk 2 sector 32634648 (Retry, Ignore, something). Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated, My OS is Windows 10 with an I7.

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Hi Adam,

as far as I see you've downloaded Acronis Migrate Easy 7.0 and it doesn't support Windows 10:

Thank you,