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Junk Email from AcronisThe

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For the past two days, I've been getting emails with the title: Acronis Forum :: New post has been created.  The message says:


You can view the whole post at the following url

You will receive emails like this for all replies to your posts. You can disable this by logging in and changing the settings on your user account at .

-- Acronis Forum team


This is really broken.  There is no URL.  And the line is truncated where it points to a link for changing settings.  I have no idea what replies to my posts they're talking about.

How do I stop these useless inbox fillers?

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Dane, this is a known issue that is being caused by the forum web developers making changes related to forum notifications.  Please just delete any of these 'empty' email notifications.  These look to have stopped for me since the last one received yesterday, though have been seeing some ancient notifications popping up in my inbox for topics last touched last year!