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With Windows slowly edging toward oblivion, I'm moving to Linux. 

Let me explain that oblivion thing. I don't consider Windows 10 in any form to be a serious product or one that is worthy of any consideration, so I don't consider it... to me, it doesn't exist.  That means 7 and 8.1 are the final versions of Windows, and the clock is ticking.   Five more years until 8.1 goes out of extended support seems like a long time, but MS is already going out of its way to render 7 or 8.1 installations on newer hardware vulnerable to malware by using the Windows Update system to distribute Trojan horses that permanently disable security updates.  As the time draws nearer, I am sure they will come up with more highly unethical plans to force people to accept their substandard product.  I don't think we'll get the full five years before Windows pre-10 versions become intolerable.  

There comes a time when you just have to shout "Enough!" 

I'm done with MS, and that means I'm nearly done with Windows, after having been a MS customer and user of Windows for more than 25 years.  I still may use the versions I already paid for from time to time, but there won't be any more to follow.  It's painfully evident that there is no long-term future in Windows for home users or small businesses that can't afford to buy the enterprise edition, and even then I am not sure MS wants to be in the PC OS business anymore.  Cloud first, mobile first, and they've already crossed mobile out.  That's where Microsoft wants to go today.

MS would not be using its consumer customers as cannon fodder (beta testing a product they paid for!) if they wanted to keep Windows strong and vibrant as a platform.  This is not how you treat customers you want to keep.  The kind of behavior we've seen from MS is the mark of a company that is looking to squeeze every penny out of Windows users it can, knowing that their vendor lock-in and the long list of Windows-exclusive software will keep people in the line of fire for years to come, and with full acceptance that this will eventually destroy Windows as we've known it. 

This is an exit strategy.

I haven't bothered to check out True Image 2018 for that reason.  It's Windows software, and I'm not planning on buying any more Windows software, no matter how good it is or how low the price. 

I know you do have a version of Acronis Backup for Linux, but instead of $25 for a lifetime license for one PC, you would require me to buy the server edition for $500 for one year.  I don't run a server, and I'm not a business! 

You already have a Linux version that runs on your recovery media, and I can use that from the rescue media to create Linux backups, but having to reboot and do it all offline precludes scheduling, and it also makes the PC unusable while the backup is proceeding, as it was with the first version of True Image I bought.  That's a big step back!

How about working that or your server version into a full True Image for Linux backup program for consumers?  I'd pay for that immediately if the price was reasonable.  There's only one commercial backup program for Linux that I know about that even approaches what True Image can do, but a full True Image for Linux would blow it out of the water. 

I know it's almost certain not to happen, but it sure would be nice.

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Hello Asc,

thank you for taking the time to raise this discussion! According to the product management, we don't see demand for such a product. Based on our market research, there is not enough home users of Linux willing to pay for a backup solution that would justify the development of Linux-based version. Customers that need a backup for Linux environment can use Acronis Backup product, of Acronis Backup Cloud available from one of the 10,000+ service providers worldwide. However, if Linux becomes a popular OS for personal use, we’d certainly consider developing True image for Linux.

Thank you!

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It ain't gonna happen. They have tons of work with the Acronis now