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Maximum upload cloud speed

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Hello All,

I recently bought Acronis and trying the cloud backup. I have a super fast upload speed network (when I test it, it is as fast as 750 Mbps. But I do my full backup, I only get about 10 Mbps which is in m y opinion very slow for full backups. I have read a lot of discussions about this and I do understand there are limitations due to compression and possibly speed limits, load distribution etc. But there is no clear answer about what limitations Acronis has or imposes. Customer support tend to focus on problems I may have with my network setup and configurations rather than giving a clear answer about limitations. I did folow the Acronis configurations to run at max network speed etc. However, the upload is still slow. My questions are (assuming that there are no network issues from the customer side: (1) are there any inherit upload maximum limits that Acronis has or imposes and (2) what is ,you as user, the maximum cloud upload/backup speed did you get while using Acronis, (3) if you know or have tried, is slow backup cloud upload speed similar for other cloud backup providers... thanks

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I don't know much about cloud speed. But interested in learning. Thank you so much for updates. 

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I have seen peak speeds much higher than you are reporting. Just checked and for a 63gig upload it took 6 hours and 9 minutes with claimed average speed of 23.6 Mbps (looks like an initial backup); a smaller incremental task 800 Meg took 11 minutes and average speed of 9.1 Mbps. 

Looks like speeds are typically between 6 and 11 Mbps on my 90/35 Mbps plan. The process is slowed down by integrity checking procedures and running cleanup can also draw out the time for the task to complete.

The location of the server to which you are backing up may have an impact; at one stage I was backing up to a server in France, but now am backing up to one that is much closer in Australia.

There is a utility that allows you to check the connection speed to the particular server you are using - there is a Knowledge Base paper describing the process - see here.