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Mount a .tib

Thread needs solution
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I think I used to be able to mount a .tib by clicking (or double clicking) on the .tib file but I can't anymore. If it is not a clickable extension then is there a way to mount using ATI?

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As I understand it, this can be caused by a file association issue - Windows explorer not being specified as the app to open do this. I assume that the option in explorer to validate or open does not work.

The first thing I would do is a repair installation. Download the full installation file (not the web installation file) from you Acronis account, then select and choose run as administrator; you will then be prompted to choose between uninstall and repair, select repair, and hopefully it will work once this is done. Just to be on the safe side to a Windows restart before trying it out.


PS It is working for me at the moment with latest build of ATI 2019