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Need Email Analysis Software

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Hi everyone,

I require an automatic process that can resolves my problem of examining email header without causing any hamper to data. Moreover I require functionality from which it will be easy to search the desired email evidence.

Thanks in Advance

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Hello, I am looking for the same. If anyone knows anything I would appreciate.


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I'm confused. Why do you think you would obtain such software from Acronis?

I would Google for such tools, or check anti-spam orgs such as SpamCop which offer e-mail header analysis and tracking.

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Try :-)

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I use to analyze e-mails form Acronis.

See extract from there site below.

"SMTPViewer was originally designed for the IT sector. We realised that e-mail capability was the one common communication platform build into most hardware devices (Backup Softwar elike Acronis,routers, SAN's, UPS etc.)  
But who wants to read all these e-mails daily? So we came up with the concept that we read the e-mails for you searching for words that you specified (For example "backup failed"). If a match is found we report back the results online. Warnings & alarms are highlighted in red for quick notifcation."