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New "Account" website - Download defaults to wrong language version

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After logging into my account ( it shows all the licenses for each of the various versions (11 and 11.7).  If I click on Downloads it has drop downs for Operating System, Language and Build.  It also shows

  • Installation File
  • Bootable Media
  • Older Builds
  • Other Components

Without realizing it, I downloaded the English (Europe) version.  In the past few weeks I've been configuring two new replacement computers (Windows 7).  I installed the 11.7, build 50058 on both.  Today I tried to upgrade my laptop from 11.5 to 11.7 and received an error because I had the U.S. version installed and would not allow me to install the Europe (English) version.

I will have to reinstall the other two computers with the U.S. version, after I do the 6 hour download of the installer (I have a slow DSL connection).

If I go to "Other Components" where it shows the old "Accounts" interface, the "Download" defaults to the correct version (verified by the checksum bb2116d3bc1e9fa91ab53cf1cc2aaac8).

Can you fix the new download interface so that the downloads defaults correctly?


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Hi Bruce,

Please contact Acronis directly for issues with accounts, licensing and/or registration.  There's nothing we can do to help here in the user forum and technical support is available 24/7 to assist with these types of issues.