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Solutions for bad sectors on a HDD ???

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Looking for solutions to be able to use HDDs with just a few bad sectors, in a safer way.

In the past two+ years, using S.M.A.R.T software such as Crystal Disk Info, I have been doing a lot of health-checking on HDDs, and sometimes, they show some caution about the drive.
Normally, what I like to do next, if there is any doubt on the drive, is make a backup using Acronis True Image 2010, sometimes, not often, while doing the backup, TrueImage will report me of which sectors are bad, showing a popup and halting the process (of the backup), on those drives, my normal practice is to keep the data well backup-ed, daily if possible, somewhere safe on the LAN.
Sometimes, even if S.M.A.R.T. shows OK, later when doing a backup I come across the bad-sector-popup, I mentioned earlier.
The thing is, for NON-critical PCs, we can let those HDD wear out to their death, along with the PC and replace it later for a new one.
But what can be done about those bad sectors, are there any ways to isolate those tiny parts of the drive.
Doing some research, I came across this software, PBD(Partition Bad Disk): isolate bad sectors/blocks/clusters of HDD
Naturally I am very skeptic about if this software its what I claims to be and do.
Then I said, What better than the Acronis Software House, the sure have think of this.
If they haven't make it, then it is not possible.
So, if there any Acronis Software for this need? maybe a feature on any other product, Disk Director (Suite) for example.
Ok... I leave it here.
Please any Acronis Expert or MVP can respond to my questions?

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I'm not an expert on this, but I believe there are two types of bad sectors, one which is updated in the actual hard drives bad sector database, which is where the actual disk surface becomes damaged and the disk controller marks the sectors as not usable and those where the OS system finds sector corruption and marks those sectors as bad. In the latter case software such as Microsofts' chkdsk can repair bad sectors or mark them as permanantly unavailable. Those the drive marks as unavailable are never used, unless someone uses special software and a serial connection direct to the disk drives controller.

I've juyst looked at the website you have linked to, this software seems genuine, there is a special part of the drive which contains the list of bad sectors that OS's do not see (as I mentioned above). I suppose it is possible for software that operates at a basic level to physically add information to this area, though I thought this had to be done directly through the disk drives serial port that can be accessed via terminal software and manufacturer commands using the 3 serial pins that occasoinally have jumpers on them, or by physically moving the controller PCB (not recommended if you haven't tried this on a dead drive) to reach the Rx/Tx and ground signals.

If you think this is a utility that Acronis might look at for Disk Director add it to the suggestions topic that is in the DD forum.