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Suggested New features. # Sat 6 Aug CEST 2016

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Many other software developers has more recovery tools but Acronis is still missing them. People are looking more for Live CD recovery tools and light weigth programs but not for programs that need to be installed. Freeware tools attracts people and more starting use Linux or BSD based operative systems. Even Paragon began with freewares but Limited functionality.

  • NTFS&HFS+ for Linux and *BSD (pragon, ntfs-3g)
  • BCD manager, repair/rebuild (add other Windows versions and Linux/BSD partitions to BCD) and edit registry from Acronis Linux based recovery CDs
  • Recovery Windows serial keys and serial numbers for other software as "lazesoft"
  • Support more filesystems by Disk Director and Acronis True Image (GParted)
  • Clear user passwords, create users
  • Have more freeware or opensource projects

And may be some more recovery and monitoring tools

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Hello And Do,

Thank you for your feedback! You don't need to install Acronis True Image or Acronis Disk Direktor on your system, both products can be used from a bootable media (on CD\DVD or an USB flash drive). I'd suggest sharing the feedback concerning the additional tools via feedback option.

Thank you,

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Thanks for your answer!

I have almost all Acronis TrueImage Home and DiskDirector versions. I am an experienced Linux and Windows user. I want that Acronis products will expand with new features that I will not have a need to mix multiple features from different companies that increases risk to conflicts between programs. And have only one bootable CD/USB ISO file instead of one for each company with a necessary features.

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And Do,

It would be against licensing agreements for a company for profit to distribute freeware with their product unless they had specific approval to do so and usually, companies will not receive that approval from the software developer, or would have to pay to be able to do so.  That said, Acronis has had some bundled software package deals in the past, but does not give you what you want since those applications were still separate tools.

I'm not a Linux/UNIX guy so don't have much info on that side.  However, when it comes to Windows ADK (WinPE) , you can do a lot of what you want to do by customizing your WinPE and/or supplmenting with PortableApps.  

Most product-specific WinPE builders are only designed around their own  product (usually do to licensing and not wanting to support 3rd party applications they have nothing to do with as a companty).  As a resutl, when you boot their WinPE, it will just launch the specific application for that product.  

Howewever, nothign prevednts you from minimizing that Windows and utilizing the the backgroudn command prompt where you can navigate the contents of all drives and launch portable apps or anythign else you add to your own customized WinPE.  By default, Acronis WinPE has A43 file explorer which makes this easier.  You can modify startnet.cmd in your WinPE to launch A43 or something else by default.  If you want to to do more, do a Google search for "win 10 pese" and you can really build some nice, customized WinPE with it.  All this is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay beyond the scope of the Acronis product, but there are certainly options to doing what you want.  

With my own custom WinPESE, I have all of my ACronis products, plus things like minitool partition wizard, BCDedit, etc. built in.  I also supplment other applications using portableapps to add a lot more functionality, but without the limitation of hard set products in the WinPE.  All of these portable apps can be added directly to custom winPE as well, but that increases the size of teh file, and removes the ability to update those applications on the fly -  a reason that I find portableapps to be more useful.