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Support complaint

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I'm not happy with the quality of Level 1 phone support.  Case in point:

I spoke with a tech (had the usual language barrier issues, but I can work with that...) and described a problem I was having registering remote agents.  I explicitly told the agent I'd read the KB's on how to set up our firewall and how to install a remote agent.  He quickly got me off the phone, saying, "It's really easy.  I'll send you the step-by-step instructions.

I got the KB's on how to set up our firewall and how to install a remote agent. 😒

I tried to install a remote agent again, and failed.  So I purchased an $149.00 Onboarding service, which specifically states:

Please, login to your Acronis Account to schedule a personalized phone call and a remote desktop session with our priority support engineer.  I could not find any way to schedule this support, so I called the general support line again.  The Level 1 tech suggested I use the 'Chat' feature.  Excuse me? 

Anyway, I am now waiting for an engineer to call me back (in 3 to 4 hours.)  I paid $149 for premium support, and I get this?  Frankly I half expect the engineer who calls me to try to hustle me through the process, and not take the 1-2 hours in a remote session to go over my deployment that the Onboarding documentation says will be needed.

Somewhat frustrated.

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Hello eracer,

Welcome to Acronis forums!

We are sorry to know about your negative experience with Acronis services. Our records show that a call a remote session has been already performed. Your case is now escalated to a higher level. Please PM me in case you need any assistance with this case management.