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True Image 2016 Beta

Thread needs solution
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Went to test the Universal Restore feature to see if it has been simplified/consumer useable. Clicked on tools, then Acronis Universal Restore link and ------ NOTHING! How do I test this feature? How do I create a Universal Restore Media? How about a link to where the iso image for this is?

Update: Tried to get around this problem by cloning the disk. Program said the computer needed to be restarted. I said OK and then an error appeared saying that something failed to start. It is hard to evaluate a product if NOTHING in the product works!

If you want to PAY me for my time, I will be happy to evaluate your software - even if it does not work. If you want me to do so for FREE, don't waste my time with such trashware.

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Hello Richard,

I have testing TI 2016 and when I click Acronis Universal Restore a second window open with the option to download. However, when I click download I am taken to the Acronis website with "Page not found" yet please remember that this is Beta software, so not everything will work as expected.


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Anna Trifonova wrote:

Hi Karl,
in fact it is not an issue. New version of Acronis Universal Restore wasn't uploaded yet and most likely it won't be published in beta.
Thank you,

The information in the quote above was posted in the 2016 Beta area of the forum more than a week before your post.

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Download problems with the Beta download;  Please offer the same Beta download to me so I can support your previously outstanding program.

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Hi Chris,

beta campaign of Acronis True Image 2016 was closed in August. You might want to download a trial version of the program on our website:

Thank you,