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UFO's seen over Rochdale

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North West England -

During my time in Rochdale hospital I noticed every night that there were lights hovering above Rochdale and Manchester. I was in this hospital for three months due to a syndrome called Guillan Barre and I couldn't walk because GBS eats away the nerves and makes you go numb.

So I was at first just immobile but breathing ok, just. Plent of time to wonder and ponder at night. During the day it was other peoples visits, eating, bombing about the hospital in my wheelchair, careering about the hospital grounds, and generally chatting up nurses and being a nuisance.

Oh and the many exersizes and physio sessions I needed. Those were hard work indeed especially when your feet feel like slabs of wet fish.

But getting back to the point, the nights were great, as I lay propped up looking out the window. The lights were obvious.

I met one guy who insisted they were alien craft watching over us. Or at us. I suggested they were laughing at us but apparantly they were not. They were definitely planning something.

So beware, if you get ill and need hospital treatment, the aliens are watching. Especially if you live in North West England but it must apply in other places I would imagine,

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Same thing happened when I was a child, strange lights, later found out it was secret spy planes that are not so secret anymore!

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UFO doesn't exist. It was probably a military object