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Upgrade motherboard + CPU

Thread needs solution
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Hello anyone
I want to upgrade my motherboard and my cpu soon, and i'd like to ask you if it's possible to keep everything i have now, i mean the OS backup.
I did backup my C partition, with all the drivers / customizations / settings / and it took my hours to do all this, many hours and i don't want to reinstall the OS again.
Is that possible to recovery everything i have now, on the new motherboard + cpu ?
Please advice me, thank you very much.
PS : i use Acronis True Image Home 2012 ( build 7133 )

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Hello Eduard,

basically it is possible, but to transfer your system to a dissimilar hardware you will need a special feature - Acronis Universal Restore.

Please note that this feature is NOT available in standard editions, only in Plus Pack or Premium (depending on program version).

Thank you.