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volume label syntax is incorrect

Thread needs solution
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We get this error when backing up FROM a linux network shared folder.

Is there any way to avoid errors and keep doing the backup. Right now when the software finds the error it stops the backup.

thank you

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David, welcome to these public User Forums.

What Acronis product are you using here?

If it is one of the Acronis Business Products such as Acronis Cyber Backup, Acronis Backup 12.5 etc, then you should open a topic in the relevant business forum.

See Acronis Business Product Discussions

If you are using Acronis True Image, then again open a topic in the relevant ATI forum.

See Acronis True Image Discussions

In either case, more information will be needed to understand what is happening:

Version / build of the product being used?
Type of Linux file system being used on the shared folder being used as Source for the backup, i.e. EXT4 etc?
Type of backup being performed, i.e. Disk backup, Files & Folders backup?
Host OS where the backup is being run from?