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Will my pc battery become less effective quickly if it is always charged to 100%?

I once came across a thread that claims charging of phone battery to 100% and waiting to less than 20% before charge will kill the battery life, perhaps this is same for pc?

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Hello Nel!

By PC I assume you mean a laptop. If we are talking about li-ion batteries, from what I gather it's best to keep it somewhere in the middle. Neither charging fully nor letting it drain completely. Either way it's not that drastic that you could say it "kills" it, rather reduces it's life. Eventually it will degrade no matter what you do.

I seem to remember most chargers nowadays let the battery drop a bit and keep it slightly below 100% when left on the charger.

Higher heat also also degrades battery life, which for a laptop I'd say is more significant of a worry than charge practicies.

-- Peter

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Laptop batteries can suffer the same issues as for other devices such as phones but the BIOS may offer the option of limiting the top charge rate, i.e. my HP laptop is set to charge up to a maximum of 80% and the recommendation is to not go too much below 20%.

I had to replace the laptop battery recently despite it being less than 2 years old and having tried to be careful about charging etc.  The original battery started 'dropping off the cliff' at any point from around 40% charge downward and would cause the laptop to shutdown and show only 1 or 2% charge when restarted with the charger connected!  Am hoping the new battery will be better behaved and last longer!