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Windows version concern

Thread needs solution
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Earlier today Steve Smith questioned a poster:

Is there a reason why you are still on Windows 10 #1903 and not moved to #1909?

That caused me to think that sounded familiar, so I checked both my systems. And, indeed, both are at the same version as the poster:

Currently running Windows 10 Home 64-bit version 1903 18362.592

My concern is that both systems just yesterday did windows updates, and are now telling me "windows is up to date"! So, question is, does version 1909 add something the effects Acronis, and why am I not getting it when I do a "check for updates"?


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Robert, Windows 10 #1903 will remain supported by MS until December 2020 but users should normally be offered the new #1909 update via Windows Update.

If you haven't been offered, then try manually checking for updates (just click on the option in the Settings panel).  If it still is not offered, then you can use the Windows Update Assistant which will check that your computers can support this update being installed.

There are no issues with using ATI with Windows 10 1903 or 1909 as far as I am aware other than the normal risks associated with being downlevel on Windows Updates and thus exposed to known exploits in the OS etc.

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Thanks, Steve....