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Easy Migration worked, sorta of

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Was able to clone my old O/S SSD drive to a new bigger SSD successfully. I changed the boot order on my disks so it would both from the new O/S drive and it worked, until..... I decide to use the old SSD as a drive cache for my HDD, so I reprovisioned my old ssd. Now my usb keyboard is dead at the Windows 7 login screen where you enter your password, the mouse works, but the keyboard is dead. I know its not the keyboard as that works in BIOS just fine. I have not tried using safe mode yet, but I worries me that Easy Migration did not update the registries to point to the new O/S drive, and relies on the old ssd for drivers at boot up.

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After booting into Windows 7, try unplugging the USB keyboard, plugging it back in, and waiting a few moments for Windows to pick it up and load the appropriate drivers. Also try it in a different USB port. This problem should not be caused by migration to a new SSD.